When it comes to picking out a home to live in, polls have determined that twice as many buyers would opt to live in a brand new home over purchasing a space that is already built. Though building a new home from scratch is undoubtedly a pricier option on its face, new spaces come with a variety of advantages that can help even out in the long run. Some of these perks include lower maintenance costs overall, the inclusion of modern characteristics, more capacious layouts, having a say in the construction process, and lower energy costs, among others.

Key Takeaways:

  • Although they’re often initially more expensive, newly constructed homes are currently preferred 2 to 1, data shows.
  • An older home, though seemingly less pricey initially, may have many repair and maintenance issues.
  • Many new home-buyers want a newly constructed home because everything in it is apt to be modern and they enjoy having everything spanking new.

“Before you make a decision, whether new or existing home, consider the top 5 reasons why buyers have their heart set on new construction.”

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