Added features to older houses don’t always look tacky. Looking over your property’s architecture and materials used can make the difference in whether the building can grow in a way that is fitting. Paying attention to the proportions or the original property can help you prevent upsetting the historical character of it and making the property look out of place. Focusing too much on getting more square footage and making the property bigger can take attention away from smaller houses.

Key Takeaways:

  • Adding on to an older house doesn’t always mean you are ruining the building’s culture.
  • Studying your home’s architecture and applying some common sense design principles can help your building become more modern.
  • Paying attention to the proportions of the building can help prevent you from messing with a building’s character.

“Whether it is the length and width of a porch, or the dimensions and placement of windows, when code allows do your best to maintain and emulate the original proportions of an old house in an addition.”

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