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Porcelain Tiles: Everything You Need To Know

Getting to choose the type of material that your home is constructed of, is one of the exciting parts about owning a house. In his new blog post, Callum Chester explores the topic of porcelain tiling for both indoor and outdoor use. He explains the basics of porcelain tiles, provides suggestions on where they see [...]

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The Beauty of Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is constructed with various layers of compressed timber, providing the same sleek appearance as hardwood without the expensive cost. They achieve this sleek look by treating the top layer of timber with wood veneer. This layer is known as the 'wear layer'. It is called this to depict how this final layer [...]

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Best Flooring for Bathrooms

In the majority of rooms within your home, choosing the correct flooring is mainly based on the final aesthetic that you're aiming for. When it comes to bathrooms, functionality takes priority over appearance. Since bathrooms are almost always wet or moist, it is important to choose a flooring option that is highly water-resistant. Porcelain tile [...]

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How to Compare Ceramic Tile Surrounds vs. Laminate Shower Wall Panels

Tile has been around for over 25,000 years, but more and more people are installing laminate wall panels in their shower for a more modernized feel. When it comes to installing tile in bathrooms, you need to include a heavy cement wall in the back of the tiles that can be quite exhausting to put [...]

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5 Top Flooring Options for Your New Home

Flooring is considered one of the most dominant visual aspects of homes, causing many new homeowners to be conflicted when it comes to choosing which materials to install. Laminate is one of the most common options. Laminate consists of a melamine-based material that is incorporated into four different layers. The top layers includes a high-definition [...]

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Choose the Best Sunroom for You – Types of Sunrooms

Due to the specifications of our house, the ability for putting in a sunroom may be limited despite having unlimited building options. This new blog post reviews four common types of sunrooms, what makes them all different, factors that should be considered such as season, cost, color and material and urges you to consider as [...]

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