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Top 8 Pro Tips on How to Hire a Contractor

When looking for contractors, This Old House recommends starting by asking your family and friends for personal recommendations.  You should then call your prospective contractors and ask them detailed questions about their past professional experience, their current workload, their financial references and other concerns. You should always also meet in person with at least three [...]

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How To Design An Easy-Clean Kitchen In 5 Steps

When designing your kitchen, it’s important to take practical considerations, such as ease of cleaning, into account. Smooth, uniform surfaces are easier to clean than those with many gaps in them, and those gaps tends to accumulate dirt and grime. Adding washable cloth towels can save money and trees as well. Designing your kitchen with [...]

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Differences Between Three Season and Four Season Rooms

Adding a sunroom is a good way to bring light and natural beauty inside while keeping unwanted insects and weather outside. Three season and four season rooms are two primary varieties. Three season rooms are ideal for moderate climates and are appropriate for spring, summer, and fall. Four season rooms, on the other hand, are [...]

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Is a New Construction Home Right For You? | Trulia

When one is shopping for a home the decision whether to go for a pre-owned home or building a brand new one can be a tasking one. For many prospective buyers that are in need of a home, the decision to carry out a new construction can mean seeing the home of their dream come [...]

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