Utility Buildings

Located in North Carolina, we provide homes with utility buildings that simply may not have had adequate storage before.

That is when the need for a well designed utility building comes in play. We have years of experience as the leading home renovation and remodeling company in NC and would love the opportunity to design and build and new utility building for your home.

Attics can be small and difficult to access, while unfinished basements may be damp. A well-designed utility building provides valuable storage space for all of your holiday decorations, spare furniture, keepsakes, and more. Douglas Construction & Remodeling builds high quality utility buildings designed to enhance your property and compliment the style of your existing home.

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Some questions to consider when adding a utility building to your property:

What size do I need?
What is my budget?
What type of materials will give me the style I desire?
What features will be useful?
Where will I place it?

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