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How to Design a Kitchen

Designing a kitchen can be very overwhelming. There is fun in doing it but there is also a lot of work that goes into. Like anything, planning makes the process much smoother since you know what you're working with. Firstly the budget, you won't know where to even begin without that. Then figure out if [...]

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Seven Top Tile Trends To Watch In 2020 – Forbes

Tile is the most popular flooring type because it is low maintenance and pretty easy to install. There are different types of tile that can be used depending on the preference of the home owner or home builder. They can even make the tile look like it is made of precious stones without using actual [...]

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Slab vs Crawl Space Foundation – Pros, Cons, Comparisons and Costs

When having a home built a very important part is the foundation. There are two types of foundations with their own pros and cons. The crawlspace foundation and the slab foundation. The slab foundation isn't recommended for areas that are prone to flooding. It's also cheaper to put in this type of foundation but it's [...]

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10 Real-World Reasons to Build a Custom Home

Many people dream of designing a custom home, but never seem to go through with it. There are several reasons potential homebuyers should consider crafting their own personal haven. First and foremost, the home is theirs; every little aspect. The space can be designed with the future in mind, especially if they want a big [...]

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The Pros and Cons of Showers vs Tubs

Shower/Tub combinations have been a staple in bathrooms for decades due to their versatility, but a growing trend in new home bathroom construction is to have a standalone tub and separate shower. There are pros and cons to each, but for the tubs, they are more relaxing and come in a wide variety of sizes, [...]

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7 steps to building your dream home

A methodical approach is preferable when having a new home built or having one remodeled. One must establish clear and concrete objectives and must calculate a well-balanced budget. Acquiring land or an aging, dilapidated home can provide for excellent opportunities as well as save money. A team of people who know what they are doing, [...]

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5 Ways Shower Bases Have Changed Over the Years and Why – Nagpur News

Although they may be rather expensive, acrylic and fiberglass are now on-trend when it comes to shower bases in 2019. Since they are both tile-based, they provide a sense of luxury without requiring a complicated installation process. In older homes, there is a missing layer of waterproofing membrane underneath more shower bases that can cause [...]

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Dulux Colour of the Year 2020 announced as Tranquil Dawn – it’s as lush as the name suggests

The Dulux Color of the year 2020 has been unveiled. It is called, Tranquil Dawn, a soft green shade, that will pair well with pastels and bold colors alike, and was inspired by the theme of reconnection. Upon the approach of a new decade, Delux is saying that the color reflects the growing desire to [...]

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Top Trends in House Plan Design for 2019

The Plan Collection took it upon themselves to interview architects, realtors, contractors, and more to determine the number one trends in real estate design in 2019. The experts claim that one of the biggest changes they've been seeing in homes this year is the drastic change in hue that many homeowners choose for their home's [...]

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