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How to Build a New Home: A Timeline | SafeWise

One can either be building a new starter home that is simple or the ultimate abode that is complex, but it must be reckoned with that any home construction comes with several unknowns which makes it somewhat overwhelming especially if someone is naïve about where to start or hiccups arise when one is in the [...]

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Construction Loans: How Do They Work? – SmartAsset

A construction loan is a specific type of loan for people who are building a home. Compared to mortgage loans, they tend to have shorter durations and higher interest rates, and the loan is paid directly to the building contractors rather than the homeowner. Many of these loans are construction-to-permanent loans, in which the loan [...]

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7 Inspiring Home Addition Ideas

There are several ways you can add onto your house. A few ideas may include adding a second floor, converting a garage into living space, adding a sunroom, adding on to an existing room, or building a tiny house addition to your own. These ideas can potentially save the homeowner from the headache and hassle [...]

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When someone buys a home, they're usually thinking about how they plan to use the space in the future once their family expands. Unfortunately, sometimes the floor plans associated with these homes are not large enough for our growing families. Adding a home extension either upward or outwards will provide your family with the extra [...]

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Choosing the Right Tile

Tile is made of clay, minerals and solvents that have been heated to high temperatures. Glazing makes tile non-porous, a necessity if it's going to be exposed to liquids. Ceramic tile has many benefits: it's strong, colorfast, and doesn't absorb odors or expand or contract due to temperature changes. It is also hygienic and easy [...]

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How to add value to a house: 20 ways to boost your home’s value – Real Homes

In an economy that focuses on getting the maximum number of items for the lowest amount of money, it should be no surprise that real estate has cashed in on simple ways to improve your home without spending a lot of that precious money. Real Homes comes to us today to suggest 20 different ways [...]

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Best Remodeled Basement enough for 80 guests –

Basements are a highly underrated location in the house. Most individuals don’t have the time, energy nor resources to transform their room under the ground into a luxurious living space. In a new write up by John Byrd, he profiles one remodel that transformed a 5,100 square feet unfinished basement, with before pictures, into an [...]

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5 Safety Features to Include In Your New Home Build

Safety in our homes is obviously a large concern for most individuals, whether it be for structural purposes or family purposes, but this thought processes usually isn’t at the forefront of our minds when building a brand-new home. NuVista has compiled a list of 5 different topics they think you should be focusing on at [...]

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10 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a New Home |

If you’re one of those lucky people who has the ability and means to obtain a plot of land and build that dream house, Freshome has a few tips and tricks to avoid making major mistakes when it comes to building your new home. Make sure you choose a top of the line HVAC system; [...]

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