10 Cool Ideas for Turning Your Garage into a Man-Cave

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Having a garage is great for protecting your car from the elements, but sometimes a man needs something more. Sometimes a garage can be more. Maybe it is time to give the car a protective cover blanket and put it outside so you can turn your garage into a man-cave. Here are some cool ideas for turning your garage into a man-cave, that haven within the home sanctuary.

  1. Home Office: For some, leaving the office does not necessarily mean that the work is done. Creating a home office provides that perfect place to keep working in your own comfort with everything the way you want it whether that be on company projects or just managing your own business affairs.
  2. Split the Difference Storage: If you have a double garage, but have downsized to one car then perhaps you are ready to consider walling off half to create a storage room. This may not seem very man-cave-ish, but there are just some things a man is not ready to part with, like his collection of concert t-shirts or comic book. This allows you to keep those treasures in a safe place to be looked through whenever the whim takes you, while also keeping them out of sight of those who just do not know how to appreciate them.
  3. Hot Rod Home: If you love your car or motor cycle, and spend hours working on it then perhaps instead of a regular garage you need an upgrade to properly attend to your mechanical muscling.
  4. The Workshop: Whether you are a master craftsman or a DIYer, having a place to work equipped with everything has an appeal. Wall mounted tool racks and sturdy work benches for heavy duty tools makes this the perfect get away to work on those projects.
  5. Home Theater: Want a big screen experience with the movies you already have? A home theatre complete with surround sound, wide screen and plush theater seating can make every night movie night.
  6. Game Room: Forget the small stuff and lay down some carpet and set up a billiard table. With some well-designed cabinets, and a fridge for a kitchenette you can illuminate the need to trouble yourself with a walk to the kitchen and insure that all your favorite snacks are available when you want them.
  7. The Den: Convert the entire garage into a den for a more relaxing environment, leaving fancy living room to entertain guests.
  8. The Hub: For the more technically inclined the garage may be the ideal place to remodel for the computer room of your dreams fit to host any LAN party.
  9. The Trophy Room: Perhaps you have a slew of trophies, action figures, comic books, Nascar paraphernalia, or other sundry items that are just begging for proper display. Turning your garage into a trophy room fit to showcase all your favorite things undisturbed as they were meant to be, rather than stashed away like a pirate’s treasure.
  10. Personal Sports Bar: This is for the all-out hangout spot. Installing a bar and big screen ensure that you will always have the best seat in the house, and you can be as selective with who joins you as any club.

Remodeling a garage involves insulating the walls and putting up drywall, and laying down appropriate flooring. It is important to hire a company familiar with remodeling projects to get the best results.

For more information on garage remodeling and a free quote, contact Douglas Construction. We build custom garage additions for homes in Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Burlington, and the surrounding Piedmont Triad areas in NC.

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